Through the Door

There are times in our lives when we think, or say aloud, “Is this all there is to life?” Most of us are average people, living an average life, in an average town or city with an average view of the world. That’s how Jon Dough views his life. You read that name correctly, Jon Dough, as in an unknown victim in a accident or homicide. Well, college student Jon is about to get his world turned up on its head when he happens to meet up with a supposedly Marine vet who’s got more ribbons on his uniform than Martha Stewart could sow in twenty years. It’s that crazy.

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Needless to say, young Jon blindly signs a piece of paper that starts his world spinning into what at first seems out of control. When Jon stepped through A Door into Evermoor the world becomes a thrill ride adventure that spins across time, space and everything. Here is my Goodreads review of this book HERE. Check it out and step through the door. Just be prepared.

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